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Fee Structure Tidbits

Sample Parent / Caregiver Contract

To help ensure that everyone understands their role in the childcare arrangement a written contract between the provider and clients is entered into when securing a spot within the program. It outlines all the 'financial' agreements in regards to hours of care, fees, payment practices and closures for vacations or other reasons.

Along with the contract clients get a 'electronic' copy of  the parent handbook that outlines all the services, policies and procedures being agreed to.

 Sample Parent Contract  

Security Deposit


A security deposit is due upon registration and acceptance of a space and is equal to two weeks fees - this is 'non-refundable'. However the security deposit can be applied to the last two weeks of child care services provided that two weeks written notice of intent to withdrawal has been received and no money is owing for any other reason. 


 Description of hours of Care

Full-time is care scheduled consistently for a full day Monday through Friday for up to 9 hours in length anywhere within the hours of operation ....extended hour care can be arranged as stated in hours of operation for an additional fee but must be prearranged and based on availability. 

Part-time is care scheduled for either 1-4 consistent prearranged days each week for up to 9 hours in length anywhere within the hours of operation. Please note that part time care will only be offered provided another family to share the space can be found otherwise full time fees will apply until the spot is being 'shared' with someone else.

Extended Hours: Fees are based on the 9 hours of care between 7:30 - 4:30. Extended hour care can be arranged, as stated in hours of operation, for an additional fee but MUST be prearranged and are based on availability. 

Understanding how 'Independent Home Childcare' fees work

Moving into 2016 FEES are going to be rising in the industry as a result of Bill 10's new restrictions on the age groups we can care for take full effect for providers.  Despite feedback from the industry on how the effects the new restrictions will negatively effect the childcare industry the Ontario Liberal Government has moved ahead with an implementation date for the two under two rule of August 31, 2015 and the 'grandfather' restrictions for children who were already in care such as a providers own children and so forth run out December 31, 2015. 

Unlike our 'large centre and agency' counter parts an independent home childcare provider receives NO annually wage enhancement or operating grants from the government to help with the cost of running their programs or ensuring they are getting a living wage after expenses. We are solely independent and unsupported by the Ministry of Education in any manner.

Therefore fees in the independent home childcare industry have always been based on our clients consistently sharing the cost of operation between the children we were legally allowed to have enrolled.

The previous regulations allowed us the flexibility to 'enroll' new additions to the program based on the best match for the program as a whole not concerning so much about the 'age' but the over all fit of the families needs, the children's personalities, development and independence over all.  This helped to ensure that a provider was as 'full' as they wanted or needed to be on a consistent basis to cover their operating costs and wages.

Moving forward with providers not being able to 'fill' an opening if we already have 2 under 2 from the ever shrinking pool of children 'over 2' due to the full day kindergarten and onsite before and after school care being mandated at provincial funded schools it is going to mean a loss in revenue for providers that was no present prior to Bill 10.

Since we receive no 'funding' from the government because they will not permit us to be 'directly licensed' and being with an 'agency' results in even more financial losses for a provider this loss in revenue is a loss that can only be made up by rates raising to compensate for those 'low ratio' periods while providers wait for children to be the 'right age' to enroll new peers. 

Unfortunately for clients this is the only option that will allow a provider to be able to remain viable and 'save' for those times in the program when they find their revenue suddenly at 2/5 of its normal capacity due to the restrictions on enrollment and the reality that the 'demand' for new childcare arrangements is largely with children 'under two'. As it is many providers across Ontario have chosen to 'close' in face of the complications of Bill 10's enrollment to their ensured viability creating even more of a demand for infant and toddler childcare across the province.

Fees for 2016

Full time care = $200 week

Part time Full Day = $45/day 

Flex care = Sadly with the new restrictions of Bill 10 and the Childcare Early Years Act the Ontario government recently passed restricting the ages of children we can care for this is no longer an option that the program can budget for. Potential clients who need a full time space available to them due to a rotating work schedule will have to unfortunately pay for the full time space to secure it regardless of the number of days of care actually needed or used in any particular week.


 Additional Program Fees & Vacation Policies 

Program fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change. Any changes will be accompanied by a month's written notice.

Fees are due regardless of child's absenteeism / illness, inclement weather / acts of Nature beyond our control,and or public holidays. Unfortunately, part time families cannot make up absent days on another day. Fees are to be paid in advance of care in the amount according to your payment schedule.

The program is closed for family vacation two weeks each year ? a minimum of 60 days notice will accompany this planned vacation period.

The provider may also take up to 10 paid personal/sick/emergency days in a calendar year.

During Christmas break the program is also closed the same schedule as the Thames Valley School Board so depending on when the holiday falls as a minimum from December 24th and reopening the first Monday in January. Statutory holiday fees still apply for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. In circumstances where any of these days fall on a Saturday or Sunday the ?paid holiday? would move to the Monday and Tuesday. If the provider has any remaining paid personal days left for the calendar year these will be taking during the Christmas closure otherwise these days will be unpaid.

If families choose to take any additional vacation at other times of the year, fees would be due to secure your child?s space. 


Payment Options

Post dated cheques are strongly encouraged, as a late fee of $10.00 may be charged if payments are not received on time. There is a NSF charge of $25.00 for all payments returned. After two NSF cheques, you would be required to pay cash/money order or certified cheque.


If you are paying in cash, I will issue a temporary receipt ? you must keep this receipt for your records to compare against your official tax receipt.


Tax Receipts


Except for cash payments, I do not issue weekly invoices or receipts. billing and receiving is tracked electronically for income tax purposes. Every New Year prior to the February 28th deadline a childcare tax receipt for the previous year's fees will be available for your income tax purposes. Parents must sign agreement to for them prior to release.


Withdrawal / Changes of Care required 


It is imperative to remember that any notice of withdrawal must be made in writing in order to apply your security deposit. Written notice must be received a minimum of 10 business days (2 weeks) prior to your child's last day - please do not send notice electronically in case it gets lost in the World Wide Web.


Families currently in a full time space who wish to drop down to part time care, for whatever reason, may only do so if a part time space is available and open to accommodate a change. Unfortunately if a space is not available families have a choice to either stay in their current space as contracted or forfeit their space all together and be placed on the waiting list for a future part time space. if a part time space is available families who choose to drop down to part time must recognize that they are giving up their full time space and there is no guarantee that another full time space will be available should the needs for care change in the future. If you wish to drop days of care you are still required to notify me in writing 10- business days (2 weeks) prior to the time of the effected change.


Occasional part time days may be picked up as available at the current daily rate dependent on the availability of space.


I reserve the right to terminate services at any time if policies are not being followed or program fees are not paid or a client is in violation of the code of conduct.


Late Pick-up Policy


Please remember that I have a family of my own to care for after work hours with evening responsibilities and commitments that may be time sensitive therefore children whose parents have not previously contracted 'extended hour services' should be picked up prior to 4:30 p.m.


Children under these circumstances that are still in attendance after this time will be charged $5.00 within the first 5 minutes and a $1.00/minute there after as compensation. Please note that this fee is per child not per family. Multiple children will require multiple charges. A late form will be provided for parents to sign. Late fees are due ideally same day but no later than next scheduled payment date.


Chronic lateness at pick up time has a negative impact on the program, for both the child whose routine feels unpredictable creating stress as well as for the provider who cannot make after work commitments on time, therefore issues of this sort will unfortunately result in termination from the program.