Home-based Early Learning Program

Added Advantage 

Serving London, Ontario 

Growing Friendships that last ...

Low Adult to Child Ratios

I provide care for a maximum of 5 children between the ages of infant through to 6 years of age.

Unlike some other programs this ratio does not 'increase' on PD or summer break as we no longer have school age children in the home.

Another benefit to home childcare ratios is unlike centre ratios, which are proposing to be changed to 1:5 ratio for children 12 months - 24 months, there are never more than 2 who are under the age of 2 in my care which allows me more hands and ample lap space for those wee ones who still much need it.

Upcoming openings

  • Next projected openings will be Fall 2018 when the 3 eldest head off to FDK. I will have one opening available with a start date of August 7th 2018 for an under 2 child. And dates to be confirmed in September for an over 2 child.
  • I am currently preparing to book interviews for upcoming openings from my waiting list and referrals beginning in March 2018.
  • If you need care before anticipated openings please see below for alternative options to help you on your search.

2018 Current Enrollment

Meet the Gang ... our current friends are:

    1. A wee little spit fire who loves to climb and throw balls and to occasionally just sit back and watch all the big kids and soak in all their tips and tricks for playing big!
    2. A triumphant 2.5 year old girl who loves dress up, coloring, music and anything Star Wars
    3. An adorable almost 4 year old who has a love for all things 'balls' and has some mean dance moves! .
    4. A charming little man who is almost 4 years old with a giggle that is contagious and who has a love of climbing and playing hide and seek with his friends!
    5. A 4 year old little charmer with passion for soccer and a wicked curve ball toss for his friends and can shake a mean jiggle when the music gets going.

If you are interested in current openings or going on a waiting list for future care please Contact Me to book a tour or to place your name and contact information on the waiting list.  

If my program does not look like it can meet your needs and are looking for advice on where to search you could try your local Ontario Early Years Centre or www.daycarebear.ca or via Facebook group for London and Area Home Childcare Ontario. Also for other providers who may be able to help you out but choose not to advertise except by word of mouth feel free to email me your childcare needs and contact info and with your permission I can ask through my networking avenues if anyone I know has spaces in their programs and forward them your contact info.

All the best in your Early Years


Margaret RECE, AECEO.C