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Training & Background

Always willing to share a little bit more about me!  

I graduated from Conestoga College in 1990 with a diploma in Early Childhood Education and have been in the early years field ever since. I gained experience working as a front line educator, ECE student mentor as well as in administration as a Centre Director before choosing to work from home as a self-employed home childcare professional - my ultimate all time favorite career adventure so far.


In June of 2008 I completed my portfolio submission towards  provincial certification through the A.E.C.E.O and am now a Certified Early Childhood Educator a designation that promotes the highest levels of commitment both to professionalism and to advocacy in the Early Years field.

As a firm believer in life long learning I advocate for professional networking with other peers in the childcare industry through Home Childcare support programs and local OEYC programs which organize community play groups at various locations throughout the city, offer in house training and professional development opportunities to keep our programs and business working towards best practice for clients and help to connect us with other providers in our neighborhoods help reduce the isolation that working from home with young children can bring.


In 2009 when Ontario unvield its College of Early Childhood Educators I was one of the  first to volunteer to register before it became 'mandatory' to belong in order to practice in the field. As an advocate for accountability and self regulations I am very excited with what the College of Early Childhood Educators can mean for our profession as we move forward!


I am also trained in emergency first and as well as Infant/Child/Adult CPR. I regularly take the refresher course to ensure, that if ever needed, my skills and information are up to date and fresh in my mind.


In addition I have taken the Child Restraint Technician  course through the    Child Passenger Safety Association   and volunteered with the  London Carseat Safety clinics here in London to help promote safe car seat installation for children as well as other community carseat clinics for several years and am still an active supporter.


I am passionate about my professional development and am not only an active member of the Association of Early Childhood Educators but also sat on the Executive Board of the London Branch as the Public Relations, Professional Policy and Newsletter Chairs for 6 years before stepping down to allow other new members a chance to lead as well.


Recently, as I have studied the works of schools in Reggio Emilia Italy, I have had an increasing desire to share my passion for this child centred and emergent curriculum that places such a high value on the importance of play and use of children's imagination through open ended materials. I continue share this passion through networking,  speaking publicly and presenting workshops through Childreach, the AECEO and other community agencies who request my expertize and passion on the early years.



Childhood is a precious commodity, a time that should be filled with joy, laughter, exploration and wonder.


As an Early Childhood Educator I strive to ensure that every child in my care grows to be a confident, capable, kind-hearted individual who is inspired to be a creative problem solver, with a sense of discovery, and joy at finding the beauty in the world!


I am passionate about my own life long learning, creativity and love for nature and the outdoors...this is evident in the programs I offer to children with a strong focus on daily exposure to both the creative arts and rich outdoor explorations.