Home-based Early Learning Program

Added Advantage 

Serving London, Ontario 

Providing a Positive Learning Environment

The aim of my program is to assist children in learning self-discipline. This is done through positive reinforcement coupled with redirection techniques, role-modeling self-discipline, ensuring health and safety and teaching respect for people and property.

Rules and expectations are clearly stated and appropriate to the child's age of development, so that they can understand and internalize the reasoning underlying various requirements.


Behaviour management is an important part of a child's learning experience and should be understood from this perspective. Positive language, concern for each child as an individual as well as timely intervention will hopefully create a warm and supportive environment for children to learn to solve their problems appropriately with all the people that they may encounter during their busy day.

Guiding Positive Behaviour

Young children are just beginning to actively assert their independence and wishes, not only with adults but with their peers as well. It is only natural that disagreements may arise quickly as each child struggles to gain more control over his/her environment. Everyone makes mistakes in judgment as we learn and grow and become productive members of society. I believe that it is important to learn positively through our mistakes. Children are disciplined in a positive manner and at a level that is appropriate to their actions and their ages in order to promote self-discipline. Thus ensuring everyone?s health and safety while respecting the rights of others and maintaining equipment.

I use a lot of positive wording and praise. This is combined with re-direction if behaviour is socially unacceptable, either by encouraging the child to get involved with another activity or relocating them to another play area. I try to teach children that words have power over actions and encourage them to talk about their feelings as we resolve conflict through discussion. The children are also encouraged to show each other respect and affection. We encourage gentle hands, sharing and turn taking; respecting others choices?, being friends, and comforting one another with hugs, etc.  

Code of Conduct


All members of my home based program are accountable to our Code of Conduct.


All will:

  • Treat themselves and others with respect
  • Be courteous, fair, kind and honest to others
  • Be respectful of others and their belongings
  • Listen to and respect others
  • Play safely and respectfully and follow the rules of the playroom and backyard
  • Use appropriate language with others
  • Problem solve by talking and listening
  • Act in a way that will facilitate a positive learning environment for all
  • Help care for and respect all toys, equipment, books, environment, etc.

Inappropriate / Unacceptable behaviours will result in one or more of the following depending on age / severity of the incident / or previous incidents or patterns of behaviour.

a)    Verbal redirection and coaching on better choices - used 99% of time with all age groups

b)    Quiet time away from peers but within play area followed by a verbal plan for future when ready to discuss - occasionally needed with older toddlers and preschoolers

c)     Written documentation of Incident / Parent Signed for incidents involving injury to another - rarely required

If a child is experiencing a serious pattern of inappropriate & or physically dangerous behaviour a parent/caregiver conference with written action plan to successfully aid the child in managing the behaviour will occur, if all else has been tried and exhausted, I reserve the right to discharge a child who is a having a significantly negative impact on the other children in the program. I reserve the right to terminate a contract, without notice, if the ADULTS in a family exhibit any of the above behaviours - inappropriate conflict resolution skills will not be tolerated ... while children are learning - adults should've long since mastered these skills.