Imaginative Play Imaginative Play The kids are great at using open ended materials within the program to create props to enhance imaginative play - such as here with the chairs from a bus and the plate the steering wheel! 135891268 Creating buses, trains, planes and other modes of transport with the chairs is a favorite of the children - 'buckle up teddy I see a bump in the road' 135891269 The addition of animals and figures into the program allows for children to role play with them in their play...pairing up the animals in the ark for their trip! 135891270 Creating their own games with materials - here a friend brought in a balloon and they are making a game of get it basket as they throw it back and forth. 135891271 Dressing up as a 'Prince' for the dance! 135891272 During our explorations of Bats the children loved using the black capes to pretend they were bats and fly around the playroom! 135891273 Hanging upside down for a 'bat break' ... showing that they are learning how bats sleep! 135891274 Dressing up is fun... The playroom boasts many different costumes for imaginative are a few of Santa's elves last December! 27500860 Children love to dress up in various themes! 135891275 Learning to cooperate in play - a princess needs a prince to dance with her! 135891276 Showing their understanding of how couples dance as they waltzed around the playroom! 135891277 Documentation is a big part of the program and the children see the value in this when it shows up in their role play ... here the baby is learning to hold his own bottle and she wants to capture that for his portfolio! 135891278 Roarrrrrrr .... dressing up can make you feel powerful! 135891279 Love the costumes that the children put together - heading out for girls night! 135891280 The desire to dress up and role play starts young - the feel of the Boa inspires dancing and laughter! 135891281 Imaginative play with vehicles shows children mimicking real life experiences - such as traffic jams! 135891282 Exploring in the mirror is often fun - looking at the vehicles from different perspectives! 135891283 Role playing with animals. 135891284 Dressing up in collaborative play bringing in everyone's interests and ideas into the unfolding theme of play! 135891285 The girls after a trip to the Hair Salon - tallying up the cost of a new hair do with "that will be $150 please" ... and a reply of "wow that is all my money" - the realization of real life enters into play! 135891286 Creating their own parachute for play on a rain day! 135891287 Lil Red heading out shopping! 135891288 Making a cup of coffee after a long morning of working! 135891289 Making up dinner with her friend. 135891290 Having a teddy bear picnic on the floor - eggs anyone? 135891291 Ms Fix it! 135891292 Mr Fix It! 135891293 Using the open ended materials to make a Microphone and putting on a Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus show! 135891294 "Do you mind? This is an important phone call" 135891295 Peekaboo games! 135891296 A trip to the Dr! 135891297 Checking to make sure I am healthy! 135891298 'Hmmm I think I see a potato growing in there' 135891299 The operating table - poor puppy needs his tonsils out! 135891300 Dressing up for a musical concert! 135891301 Going to a wedding! 135891302 Putting on puppet plays is an all time favorite with the crew! 135891303 Santa's Lil Helper - the kids needed a reindeer to pull the sleigh and she was cooperative to being dressed up! 135891304 Another one of Santa's reindeer ready to pull the sleigh! 135891305 Playing ring a rosie all dressed up! 135891306 Merry Christmas - we transformed the playroom into the North Pole! 135891307 Santa pulling the sleigh but the reindeer is facing the wrong way! 135891308 Look at me I am Harry Potter! 135891309 Megaphone concert! 135891310 Learning to change a diaper! 135891311 Nurturing puppy! 135891312 Taking care of baby! 135891313 Feeding the baby! 135891314 Role playing 'teacher' as she reads the children a story and sings songs with them! 135891315 Imaginative play can also span several learning opportunities including 'sensory play' as they explore being 'penguins' in the actual snow filled sensory bin for example. 198286193