Field Trips & Outings Field Trips & Outings Fieldtrip Fun - Adventures on Wonderland Field trips and outings offer children a chance to explore current interests or discovery new ones! 135874932 Fieldtrip fun - AOW Ball bit at Adventures on Wonderland is loads of fun for the crew! 135874933 Field Trip Fun - AOW Exploring the duplo table keeps us busy! 135874934 Field Trip Fun - Angel Tree Each year the child go to the mall to pick an Angel from the tree and we make up a gift basket for our 'friend in need' of toys and things from the kids! 135874935 Safety First The van is equipped with high end carseats and I myself have my Car seat Technician certificate in order to volunteer with London Carseat Safety and other clinics here in London! 135874936 The Daycare Van The van is fully insured to transport the daycare kids on field trips and outings and undergoes regular maintenance. 135874937 Field Trips - On the Bus Despite having the van now the children still request the odd bus trip - they love the whole experience from watching to come down the street to sitting and watching from the big windows! 135874938 Field Trips - Kidscape Having a blast in the kiddies gym at Kidscape! 135874939 Field Trips - KW Children's Museum The kids LOVED the magic of the light and sound room at the Children's Museum ... it was full of much joy for them! 135874940 Field Trips - KW Children's Museum The magic of seeing multiple images of ones self through the bubbles and lights was just filled with squeals of laughter! 135874941 Field Trips - London Children's Museum Learning about spiders and other creepy crawlers was loads of fun ... they were obsessed for days about learning about what they eat and where they live and how they spin webs! 135874942 Field Trips - London Children's Museum Exploring in the Garden area and learning about how our plants we planted earlier that week grow! 135874943 Field Trips - London Children's Museum Peekaboo that is Sir to you ... having fun in the Knights of the Round table exhibit that visited. 135874944 Field Trips - London Children's Museum Future Astronauts getting a feel for space! 135874945 Field Trips - OEYC We love to go to the parties and celebrations at the various OEYC through the year - lots of fun to have a party with many friends! 135874946 Field Trips - OEYC Visiting various play groups in the community allow the children to explore with materials that I just do not have room for - like the huge blocks which let us explore math and balance and other concepts! 135874947 Field Trips - OEYC Exploring on the big art easels! 135874948 Field Trips - Light Tables The kids love our small light table however the big light table of the OEYC offer much more room to explore 'big' stuff! 135874949 Field Trips - OEYC Fun with lacing and measurement - trying to make a string as 'tall as me'...almost there! 135874950 Field Trips - OEYC We do lots of creative work in the program and yet when we are out and about they cannot help but seek out more - they love the big easel! 135874951 Field Trips - OEYC Sometimes just getting 'silly' is what it is all about! 135874952 Field Trips - OEYC Trips to the OEYC are great for playing in mediums that sometimes are just not practical inside the house! 135874953 Field Trips - OEYC The Listening Centre is always a favorite - think they love the idea of using 'grown up' materials! 135874954 Field Trips - Local Parks The local parks are a great place to explore BIG from field hockey to soccer the kids have loads of fun at them! 135874956 Field Trips - Local Parks The monkey bars give the older children an opportunity to take safe risks and to increase their gross motor prowess! 135874957 Field Trips - Local Parks The swings give the older kids a chance to be a great friend to their smaller peers by giving them a push! 135874958 Field Trips - Local Parks The various gross motor challenges at the parks allow children to conquer fears and to increase their daring to try new things and gain confidence! 135874959 Field Trips - Local Parks Never to young to start exploring and flexing those gross motor muscles! 135874960 Field Trips - Local Parks Various equipment at the parks encourage social skills through promoting working together as a team in order to get them to work! 135874961 Field Trips - Local Parks Various equipment at the parks encourage social skills through promoting working together as a team in order to get them to work! 135874962 Field Trips - Local Parks Love to watch the crew taking bigger tasks on at the park ... the right of passage as they announce 'wow I am big enough for this now'! 135874963 Field Trips - Local Parks Nothing like a friendly competitive challenge between friends ... race you up the rock wall! 135874964 Field Trips - Local Parks Peek-a-boo I see you - the wee ones love wondering around watching the big kids and playing peek-a-boo at the parks 135874965 Field Trips - Local Parks With practice comes mastery ... the more chance they have to explore their growing bodies the more adept they get at mastering climbers - this friend is not quite 2 and mastering the funky ladders! 135874966 Field Trips - Local Parks When the children have a strong interest in something they find a way to explore it anywhere - this crew LOVED to color and draw and would find a way to do it on any surface with various tools! 135874967 Field Trips - Local Parks Love to watch children conquer fears ... this peer was so afraid of heights at one time but with practice and support she masters every where now! 135874968 Field Trips - Local Parks Sometimes it is fun to just HANG OUT ;) 135874969 Field Trips - Local Parks Outings into parks and nature allow children to discover lots of wild life - including worms and snails and other fun things ... and they share their discoveries with each other! 135874970 Field Trips - Local Parks Gotta love exploring in the Fall and being able to play in leaves that are not indigenous to your own yard! 135874972 Field Trips - Local Parks More of that exposure to working as a team to make things work! 135874973 Field Trips - Local Parks We love exploring the music boards at the parks! 135874974 Field Trips - Local Parks Mastering something new always brings huge smiles of pride from the crew! 135874975 Field Trips - Local Parks The joy of helping each other to get the job done ... the crew are great champions of each other to try new things and show each other their expertise! 135874976 Field Trips - Local Parks Gotta love the capturing of the 'first time by yourself' on camera ... she was so excited to get on and going with her peer on her own! 135874977 Field Trips - Local Parks Exploring geometry and math through play with stones at the park ... the kids have awesome imagination with open ended materials! 135874978 Field Trips - Playscapes Kids love a chance to play in places where they get to be high and tall and looking down on the adults! 135874979 Field Trips - Remembrance Day We try to go to the annual Remembrance Day celebrations with the kids to show our respect to those who have given their lives keeping us safe! 135874980 Field Trips - Splash pads Keeping cool in the summer months! 135874981 Field Trips - Splash pads The kids just seem to love exploring in the water! 135874982 Field Trips - Splash Pads Summer is a favorite time for going out and about to find places to have fun and keep cool! 135874983 Field Trips - Splash Pads Love to catch them spontaneously 'snuggling' with each other ... the crew really does form great relationships with each other! 135874984 Field Trips - Storybook Gardens Often in the summer months having the extra hands of my loved ones on summer vacation allows for special trips! 135874985 Field Trips - Storybook Gardens We love getting to see the animals at the zoo! 135874986 Field Trips - Storybook Gardens The peacocks are always a favorite ... the kids often think they are calling 'help me' when they crone on! 135874988 Field Trips - Storybook Gardens The big organ is always a favorite place to visit. 135874989 Field Trips - Storybook Gardens The field trip portrait with the crew on the Leap Frog! 135874990 Field Trips - Storybook Gardens Another wonderful place to keep cool in the summer - the Storybook Splash pad! 135874991 Field Trips - Storybook Gardens Riding the Merry Go Round with friends is always a treat! 135874992 Field Trips - Storybook Gardens Shaking Humpty's Hand :) 135874993