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There is nothing more rewarding than the kind words of others to add value to the imporant work we do ... please feel free to read some snippets from written letters of reference provided by current and former clients, colleques and peers.

Full letters of reference and contact information of references are available for review during the interview process ;)



Wonderful Warm Fuzzies ....

Quotes Our daughters language has improved immensely since being under Margaret's watch and she is learning her letters and numbers, as well as the different emotions and she just turned 2. Margaret is vibrant and fun and my daughter loves her and feels very safe with her. The program that Margaret presents is one that can only allow a child to grow mentally, emotionally and socially. Margaret sincerely cares for the children that she has under he guidance and it is refreshing to see the way she interacts with all of the children. Her program is a great balance of playtime and learning time. She spends a lot of time outside with the children and mixes things up so that the children are never bored. We are absolutely thrilled with Margaret and I can honestly say that I do not know what I would do without her! We believe that Margaret's program should be an example to other providers and that all children should be so lucky to have such a caring, well-organized daycare provider! Quotes
Current client at Added Advantage 2007 - 2012

Quotes Margaret shows a great deal of compassion and love for the children that attend her daycare, which is our first priority. Margaret also has a fantastic childcare program that follows a nicely balanced and diverse curriculum that is based on the child's needs and development, this is extremely hard to find in home-based program. The children have lots of opportunity to explore creative and dramatic play. We are very happy and enthusiastic to read all the documentation that Margaret so graciously keeps up with on the children. The photos and quotes on her secure and password protected website are a pleasure to view as well. Quotes
Former client at Added Advantage 2007 - 2010

Quotes Dear Margaret, My name is Sarah. I attended both of your workshops this past weekend with my friend. My friend, you are like the Depok Chopra of daycare! I was just in awe of everything you presented. I could spend weeks listening to you talk and I hated school!!! Your presentation style itself was great. A lot of presentations i go to, I lose interest and my mind wanders. In yours, I was paying such close attention and absorbing every tidbit that my brain physically hurt!! To be honest, I was getting bored of home daycare. I wan't feeling challenged. I was ensuring that the children were learning and being challenged but my material was repetitive and so to me it was mind numbing. I actually felt like I was getting dumber! Now, I am so pumped about learning the Reggio approach. The neatest thing about it is that it's very concept of having a child lead centre has always been the forefront of my program. Again Margaret, thank you so much for being such an amazing role model. Quotes
Participant in your workshop series

Quotes Just wanted to give a shout out to Margaret for all her support and mentoring ~ I reached out to Margaret via email just to ask a couple questions about getting my program started and her passion, dedication and willingness to support the 'competition' so that we can all thrive at offering a quality program for those we serve was truly remarkable and evident in our interaction. Our relationship has continued well past my initial intent when I reached out ~ feel truly blessed to have had her enter my life as I build my business and passion for offering a memorable childhood for those in my care. Quotes
Jillian Jones
Home Childcare Peer

Quotes We have had two other home daycare providers before Margaret and there is simply no comparison. We very quickly came to recognize the exceptional level of commitment and professionalism that sets her apart from her contemporaries. Margaret maintains constant communication with the parents of her clients. We receive regular emails and visit her website frequently. Here we find extensive documentation of our child's activities as well as calendars of upcoming events and archived newsletters. Her documentation is impeccable, invaluably highlighting the developmental value of each activity and containing photographs of our daughter having fun. Margaret's commitment to being among the finest in her profession is evident in every aspect of her program and obvious to anyone who watches her interact children! Quotes
Former client at Added Advantage 2007 - 2010

Quotes Our daughter rushes out the door each morning in her excitement to get to Margaret's house. We often have to chaser her down to even get a hug or kiss since she is so eager to begin the days activities. It is such a pleasure to see that she enjoys her time away from home. As any parent will describe, it is often difficult to be away from our children but knowing that she is receiving the best possible care from Margaret is reassuring. Margaret is a great resource and is always willing to share, or recommend where to find, information related to raising children. She is patient and kind with our daughter and has helped us work through some undesirable behavioral issues (hitting/pushing). We highly recommend Margaret to others and have in fact referred Margaret to two families who are not sending their children to Margaret's home care! Quotes
Former client at Added Advantage 2007 - 2009

Quotes We are appreciative of the friendliness and one-on-one attention we recieve as parents when dropping off or picking up our child. We appreciate the amount of information given to us about our daughters day and have found Margaret's efforts to be superior to other daycare providers we have worked with. In addition, she takes the time and effort to provider fantastic typed descriptions of our daughters developmental progress, together with photographs of her interactions at program. it is always a joy to read this descriptions In closing, we are grateful to Margaret for the superior level of care she providers our daughter, both in terms of teacher and nurturer. Quotes
Former client 2006

Quotes The most crucial issue that Margaret assisted our family with was my sons hearing disability. It began when he was experiencing fluid on the ears quiet often. I was having trouble getting our family physician to refer us to a specialist. Margaret was noticing that my son would mispronounce words as a result of not hearing those sounds properly, so she took the initiative to refer us to Tyke Talk. Through Tyke Talk, we were able to get the proper referrals. As a result, we found out that a more serious problem was hidden by the fluid issue. My son actually has hearing loss in both ears.... Without Margaret's help I am positive that this process would have taken much longer, his speech would have been set back further and we may still not know about his permanent hearing loss. It has always been obvious to me that the children are 'number one' with Margaret. Quotes
Former client 2006

Quotes Margaret has developed close relationships with the children, parents and staff. She is very passionate about her job and exudes professionalism in everything she does such as written and verbal work and how she conducts herself everyday with everyone she interacts with on a daily basis. She is very committed to the early years field and has attended numerous workshops both in our community and outside to better herself as an educator. She has taken on the emergent curriculum philosophy and gone with it, doing amazing project work from beginning to end and has inspired others along the way including myself. Margaret is so enthusiastic about emergent curriculum she is now presenting her experiences in some workshops due to the lack of emergent curriculum workshops presented there. Margaret is flexible, reliable, trustworthy and honest and a truly a valuable member of our team. Anyone would be privileged to have her on his or her team. Quotes
Previous Employer 2006

Quotes Margaret had excellent ideas in terms of behaviour adjustment when I expressed specific concerns we were having with our son. She took the time to listen and provide various approaches to help him through difficult times and phases. Margaret was also open and honest about our son's strengths and weaknesses and helped us to positively reorient less desirable behaviours he was exhibiting. I would highly recommend her ... Quotes
Former client 2006