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There is nothing more rewarding than the kind words of others to add value to the imporant work we do ... please feel free to read some snippets from written letters of reference provided by current and former clients, colleques and peers.

Full letters of reference and contact information of references are available for review during the interview process ;)



Wonderful Warm Fuzzies ....

Quotes From a parent's standpoint, Margaret was a wonderful asset in the long process of toilet training our son. When we were discouraged, she always smiled and told us to keep bringing those extra clothes and not give up. While this may seem a strange thing to remember or comment on, for the first time parents with no family connections in London, we felt that Margaret was a valuable parenting resource for us in this, and so many other ways. Our sons socialization skills, his confidence and his joy for learning are not only attributable to us - Margret has left an indelible, and extremely valuable, impression in his life. In many ways, we feel that she has taught us how to parent a preschooler. Please accept my wholehearted endorsement. Quotes
Former client 2006

Quotes While my son was in Margaret's care, I was consistently impressed by the attributes that Margaret brought to her role. It started from the first day I took him to visit. This was to be his first experience in a daycare environment, so naturally we were both a little nervous! I first met Margaret when she was outside with some children. The first thing i heard her say was "That is not a very safe choice. What do you think would be a better choice?" to one of the children. I thought to myself, now that is the way I would want someone to teach my child to behave properly - by empowering him to make good choices! This may seem like just one simple example, but in observing Margaret with the children, I have found that each time she interacts with a child, she puts very careful consideration into what message she sends and is very skilled at helping the children use their own thought processes to learn new things! Quotes
Former client 2006

Quotes Margaret's documentation is outstanding! It allows me as a parent to feel as if I was actually there participating with the kids. As a parent who works full time I was always a bit sad that I would be missing out on seeing my child discover new things and accomplish different milestones. Margaret's superb photographs and documentation provide me with this opportunity! Quotes
Former client at Added Advantage 2007 - 2009

Quotes Our daughter has been coming to Margaret's care since 2007. We came to Margaret as a result of some behavioral issues at a previous home childcare provider. Margaret's positive attitude and her enthusiasm for creativity have proved to be a win-win environment for our daughter. We have noticed a tremendous difference in our daughter since she started going to Margaret's house. She sings all the time; she talks non-stop; and she has a very vivid imagination. Margaret has been instrumental in helping us learn to deal with transitions and unexpected changes to our daughters daily routine. Our daughter is becoming more flexible when it comes to dealing with change and we are experiencing fewer temper tantrums! Quotes
Former client at Added Advantage 2007 - 2009