Home-based Early Learning Program

Added Advantage 

Serving London, Ontario 

Benefits of Pets for Young Children

Choosing a home childcare with a pet as part of the home can have the additional benefit of allowing a child to have access to a pet and learning about pet ownership without the 24/7 responsibilities of a pet ... a plus for many busy families these days

Having a pet in the home childcare is an awesome tool for teaching children empathy, compassion and respect for another being as they learn to recognize the animals needs, read their cues and help meet their needs where possible!

 Depending on their age, skill level and comfort they can help with simple tasks like topping up food dishes, replacing fresh water daily, combing or grooming tasks, petting and so forth.

Introducing Lily and Luna

Lily and Luna are rescue cats who joined the family November 9th, 2018.

They were born in the animal rescue on May 10th, 2018 and are the most adorably bonded sisters ever! We could not bare to separate them so adopted them both into our home!

They are quickly becoming valued members of the family!

Ensuring Pet Success

All family pets see a veterinarian regularly and are up to date on all required immunizations as per City of London Bi-laws for pet ownership. 

With the addition of the pet to the home it is my practice to vacuum the playroom and main floor surfaces each morning to help reduce exposure dust and debris in general as well as any potential cat dander.

During the daytime the pets are not allowed to be in bedrooms where children are sleeping. When not in use children's rest cots and bedding are stored in closets that the cat does not have access too to limit potential dander from attaching to linen. 

Pet doors have been installed to allow  access to the 'kitty throne' while ensuring that children do not have access to the area that kitty litter is housed!