Home-based Early Learning Program

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Serving London, Ontario 

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 Communication is Key

A core benefit of home care is the personalized relationship that we can build, through daily communication during arrival and departure. You are always welcome and encouraged to participate in the program and visit your child in your free time – if you work close to the house feel free to stop by on your lunch break.


If you need to call to touch base over the phone, I do ask that you please try to call in during the children’s scheduled rest time. This will help to ensure that your child is receiving my undivided attention during their waking hours. I also ask  that families please keep me up to date on any changes in their child's life as they could affect behaviour and I can better support the children when properly informed.


I prepare and distribute a monthly calendar of events / newsletter. It will keep families up to date on all aspects of the program. Parents are encouraged to participate whenever appropriate. Our calendar / newsletter will help remind you of our annual family day where the children bring their family and friends to the house. Everyone is welcome!