Home-based Early Learning Program

Added Advantage 

Serving London, Ontario 

A Curriculum for All Ages

Caring for infant and toddlers focuses on taking advantage of the "teachable moment" as the children learn about the world and their environment through various care-orientated routines. Dressing, mealtime and diapering all offer many opportunities for social skills and language development. In addition planning many fun and exciting activities that involve sensory exploration through varied materials promotes development of the creative, cognitive mind and fosters physical development. 


As children grow offering an increasingly sophisticated environment, rich in a variety of beautiful, open-ended real life materials enables children to learn through trial and error as they explore and develop their own theories about how their world works and discovering their relationships with the things in their everyday environment.


My environment is rich with explorations in

  • Block play featuring, ramps, gullies and pathways for cars, balls and marbles.
  • Dramatic role-playing in the house centre with costumes, dolls, house and work related materials.
  • Language with access to wide topic of stories, books, flannel board and puppets.
  • An art program that promotes exposure to mediums such as paint, wire, clay, drawing, collage, weaving and more.
  • Music through exposure to both song and instruments
  • Sensory exploration with water, sand and various other treats.
  • Outdoors environment that promotes physical mastery with a love for nature, animals and gardening.
  • Project work and investigations inspired by the work in Reggio Emilia Italy with a focus on social emotional development, fostering increased intellectual skills in math, science, nature and discovery, language, literacy and promoting whole motor development of the every child.

If you would like to learn more about Reggio Emilia inspired emergent curriculum and its benefits please see More About Reggio or The Project Approach Sections of the site.


In addition the Ontario Government has a very helpful document for both parents, providers and early childhood educators called 'How does learning happen ~ an Ontario Pedagogy for Early Years' that can be very helpful for how we can help to ensure that  all children 'thrive' in the Early Years!