Home-based Early Learning Program

Added Advantage 

Serving London, Ontario 

Consistent but Flexible Schedule

I believe that children thrive in a stable routine; however I also believe that a schedule needs to be flexible to meet the varied needs arising out of the interests and desires that each day's explorations may bring. I love the great outdoors. I enjoy sharing the wonders of each season with children and do enjoy spending a nice block of time outdoors all year long.


The Fall brings so many wonderful colours to explore, Summer is a time of keeping cool in the pool with water -related sports, spring brings gardening activities and there is nothing more exciting then sculpting and painting snow structures in the winter! Whatever the season I have a large repertoire of activities to engage the inquiring mind with - whatever can be enjoyed indoors can also be explored outdoors!

Below is a 'guideline' for how a typical day may unfold:

 7:30 – 8:30               Exploring in the Family Room / Creative & Sensory Explorations

 8:30 –   9:00              Hand washing / Snack Time / Washroom Reminders

 9:00 – 10:00              Outdoor programming or a Field Trip outing

10:00 – 11:45             Field Trip outing / Outdoor programming or Playroom exploration

11:45 – 12:30             Lunch followed by wind down for nap story time

12:30 –  2:30              Rest time  / Quiet Time invitations/activities or some Treehouse for  

                                 older children

 2:30 –   2:45              Wake up Songs & Activities

 2:45 –   3:30              Hand washing / Snack / Circle Time / Washroom Reminders

 3:30 –  4:30               Backyard Adventures or Creative & Sensory Exploration   

Schedule times shown are flexible to meet the changing needs of the children in program, however the flow of the day will be similar each day. Weather permitting we attempt to be out and about daily as much as possible.