Home-based Early Learning Program

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Serving London, Ontario 

 "Location, Location, Location"

Is my Home in a Suitable Location For You?

I hope families understand that I do not wish to give out my exact location on the Internet. 

However, to help in narrowing your search I can share that my home-based early learning program is nestled in the east end neighborhood of London Ontario. Our neighborhood is  quiet and very family oriented  as we are situated on a small crescent and there is minimal traffic noise.

If you need help determining in my neighborhood is suitable to your families needs the closest major intersections are Dundas Street and Carlyle Drive or Veteran's Memorial HWY and Admiral Drive. I am minutes from  Fanshawe College, 3M, the Airport and there is quick access to the 401 for families who live in London and commute to nearby areas for work. Try Googlemaps for easy map searches.

If you contact me directly to arrange a tour I can then give you directions to the house.

Program Features

A firm believer in professionalism and accountability - I adhere to all provincial standards for health, nutrition, safety and provider training geared to promoting high quality childcare programs.

  • All adult members of the house have a criminal reference check completed and on file for parent review.
  • A copy of all required insurance being met for a home based business in the house is available for parents review.
  • All areas used for the program meet the Fire Code bi laws. When the home based early learning program was opened a larger 'secondary fire exit' window was installed in the playroom to ensure meet the London bi-laws for business out of a home. Fire evacuation plans for each floor of the house have been approved and fire drills are practiced with the children monthly.
  • A health and safety checklist provided by a local licensing agency as a guide is used monthly within the program to 'triple check' that all best practices regarding safety are in place.
  • The menu served daily exceeds the Canada's Food guide recommendations for servings of fruit / veggies / protein / dairy / whole grains and the focus of foods served is 'fresh' and many 'organic' options with minimal prepared foods.
  • References from current and past families are available as well as written references that showcase strengths and accomplishments of the myself and the program.

My smoke free, pet friendly home is a free standing two story retreat for the inquiring mind featuring a large bright playroom with same floor washroom access and a large fenced and gated backyard with a huge patio porch directly off the back of the house. More Play room photos

One of the benefits of the 'home childcare model' is that families with multiple children can benefit from having their children with the same provider, as well as experiencing the benefits of a drastic reduction in the number of caregiver changes children would experience compared to large group care settings where there is often high staff turnover and children are separated by age groupings with new teachers at each transition.

Another benefit of home childcare is the opportunity to learn empathy, compassion and respect of animals by sharing the home with the family pet something not all families might be able to do themselves which gives children the chance to experience having a pet without the 24/7 commitment for the parents. In 2013 our family cat Nevada joined the program when my mother had to downsize into a seniors residence that had a no pet policy ~ while she spends most of her time sleeping she is a friendly and curious cat who will come out to greet any new voices who enter the house before returning to her retreat.  Click here for more info on 'Benefits of Pet in daycare'.

The program has a large selection of toys and equipment, access to the local toy lending library, as well as a thriving shopping addiction with new toys and creative expression resources added regularly. 

As a trained Early Childhood Educator I not only plan developmentally appropriate activities for each age group but regularly monitor children's developmental progress. This is done using a combination of daily observations, photography and video of child's interactions with materials and others, developmental checklists and authentic portfolio development for each child in my program via a program called BrightWheel. Learn more about my Curriculum , learn more about tracking progress and development.

I have many years of experience working with children with varied special needs such as; managing food allergies, diabetes, celiac disease, hearing and speech delays, autism, ADHD, vision impairment, etc. I am therefore not only trained at recognizing early symptoms of childhood illnesses and developmental struggles but also skilled at working with children and families faced with these challenges.

Nearby Attractions 

I am close to several exciting walking style 'outing' locations such as the local parks, one with a summer splash pad, the library, an Ontario Early Years Centre, etc. The program is equipped with a multiple stroller for young children who can not walk or need a rest while out on a walk. 

In addition the program is equipped with a van and carries full insurance for transporting the crew to field trip options that support early learning and exploration of their emerging interests or other relevant places of early learning discovery such as London Children's Museum, various local OEYC, Childreach, the library and new and interesting parks.

Carseat safety is an important concern of mine and as a result I have taken both the Infant Toddler Safety Association carseat technician program in 2010 and than re-certified through the Canadian Child Passenger Carseat Safety  course in 2013 when we purchased the van and avid supporter of the London Carseat Safety program.