Home-based Early Learning Program

Added Advantage 

Serving London, Ontario 

Mission Statement
My Mission, as a home based early learning program, is to combine the best of what I have learned in over twenty years of licensed centre care with the flexibility, family focus and familiarity of the home environment.
My home's play environment has been specifically designed with children in mind providing the optimum learning environment for the development of the whole child while meeting the childcare needs of today's busy family.
 Creating an environment and relationship where we, families and caregiver, work together to continuously achieve the best early learning experience for all children! 
Program Philosophy
As an educator I strive to create a program that comes alive daily with the joy and magic of new discoveries and possibilities; a small community where people can make meaningful and positive connections that last a life time; where we are surrounded by beautiful materials and resources that push us to new places; where we are given the time we need to explore, discover and create personal masterpieces that enrich our souls; where all our work is seen as valuable and recognized by others as worthy of admiration.


An environment where there is an inert culture that supports continual growth for all who come through the doors, whether they are young or old; where all persons are seen as amazing, capable, and full of potential; where all persons feel supported to say or try anything; where every attempt made is celebrated and everyone knows they are safe to ?fail with dignity?; where the possibilities are endless and there is no box to think outside of; a place where each and everyone of us is valued for our expertise and ideas in the true spirit of collaboration.

As an educator I strive to create a community of hope ? where we all see in ourselves that we have the power to move mountains to make our dreams come alive and settle for nothing short of astounding in each and every experience and interaction with our children, with our families and with each other. 

A community, bonding together, striving to generate new ideas, new attitudes and endless possibilities around a future for our children, one that will ensure that each and every family in the community begins their child's journey feeling supported, nurtured and excited and moves on to their next stage of life with a road map of inspiring memories to help them navigate this journey we call life with their best foot forward.