Home-based Early Learning Program

Added Advantage 

Serving London, Ontario 

The Added Advantage mantra ....

Ample time for fun and games, painting and playing is how we spend our days, humorous jokes, a big belly laugh ? a smile on every face placed there in numerous ways.



Be a good friend that?s our motto - our hands are for helping, hugging and holding, our days are full of memorable moments ~ we are way to busy to ever need scolding.



Nutritious meals and snacks made from scratch with love to help build a body that is growing, a daily nap or just a quiet rest ? are needed to help create a ready mind for exploring.



A smile, a giggle and many a snuggle are all things on which we all thrive, the fun starts at Margaret's house the moment the little ones start to arrive!


Blocks, puzzles and toys galore all lined up on the playroom shelf, lot of time to learn and practice ? our favorite phrase is ?I did it all by myself!?



Oodles of crafts, science, baking and LOTS of magical things to discover,this is truly our home away from home ? there is really no other.



The Added Advantage Home-based Early Learning Program really is top notch. Just ask all our family and friends they have even written letters to tell you ?It Rocks!?


If you need childcare in the East End then you are definitely in for a treat. Hurry up ? don?t wait ? give Margaret a call and arrange a time to come meet!

Our full Mission statement can be viewed here.

More about the Added Advantage curriculum can be viewed here.