Home-based Early Learning Program

Added Advantage 

Serving London, Ontario 

An Ounce of Prevention...



As per the CCEYA O. Reg. 126/16, s. 24 (1) all children are required to have up to date vaccination records before commencing childcare and records must be kept up to date throughout enrollment. Please keep me informed in writing of boosters received.

Communicable Illnesses

Another benefit of a home-based program is that there is often less exposure to illnesses due to the smaller number of children present. A home environment also allows for more flexibility in attendance when children are feeling under the weather compared to licensed facilities.


Due to the flexible nature of our schedule and routines my general requirement for attendance when under the weather is that children need to be to be able to cope within the program, with minimal impact on the other children?s enjoyment, in order to attend.


Children may not participate, and will be required to be temporarily removed, if any of the following diseases and/or symptoms develop:


  • Vomiting**
  • Diarrhea**
  • Fever that continues to increase / is not responding to medication
  • Unexplained rash specially accompanied by fever.
  • Suspected communicable disease until seen by a Dr. and confirmed that further exclusion is not required

** I recognize that children occasionally have upset stomachs or abnormal bowel movements due to changes in diet, anxiety or growth spurts or other non-communicable reasons. Therefore it will be two or more incidences, in a short period of time, before I will require a child to be home symptom free for a 24 hour exclusion.


Illness while in program

I will work together with parents in the daily monitoring of changes in each child's health.  If a child becomes ill during the day, or is incapable of participating in the program, your child will be removed from interaction with others until you / an emergency person can be contacted, and arrangements can be made to take your child home at the earliest possible time.


Please make sure that your child?s personal information is always kept up to date so that we will be able to reach you in an emergency.



If your little one is taking medication at home please inform me so that I can watch for side effects. I am willing to administer either prescription and/or non-prescription drugs to children, in accordance with the Childcare and Early Years Act, 2014. 


This requires that parents provide:

  • All Medication, prescription or over the counter, in the original container clearly labeled with the child?s name, name of the drug, the dosage, the date of purchase, expiration date and instruction for storage and administration of the drug.
  • A medication authorization form, completed by parent/guardian, prior to administration including the dosage and times the drug is to be given; and the symptoms to administer for. Directions must match the bottle. I will not give medications based on verbal directions.


Medication is not to be left in the common areas / diaper bags or knapsacks. It must be stored in a locked cabinet out of reach of the children. Upon arrival or departure, please ask for assistance to store/retrieve your child's medication if required.