Home-based Early Learning Program

Added Advantage 

Serving London, Ontario 

Progress & Developmental Milestones

It is my aim that parents be involved in all aspects of their child's development through out the day (IE discussions, daily log observations and photo documentation, etc.).  One of the advantages of a home-based environment is that I am here at both arrival and departure to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your child's development in person.

Each child's progress and developmental milestones will be monitored daily and authentic learning stories will be shared with parents via the BrightWheel app to make connecting and reflecting on development a true partnership between daycare and home. I also make use of both the Early Learning Every Child Today document provided from the Ontario government as well as Nippising Developmental Checklists to ensure that your child is on the right track to optimum early learning and, when the time arrives, well prepared for school. Links to these documents are available in the parent portal for clients.

Authentic Portfolios

An authentic portfolio is used by many early years educators to help with program planning and setting the stage for each child's individual learning style and needs to ensure the best foot forward into the school system.

It is a living document that chronicles your little ones early years development throughout their time in the program; their interests and explorations, their learning style, communication style, discoveries and peer interactions. As indicate above this is done through use of digital photography, video, written observations, developmental checklist screening and documenting varied work samples.

Portfolio development is not only an amazing tool for educators but also make a wonderful keepsake for children and parents!

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly a diverse 'digital portfolio' for each child having all their treasures, photos and stories digitally saved and shared via the BrightWheel app so that you can access it at your finger tips from either your phone or computer via secure password protected venue and the children just love being able to snuggle with you at home each evening and reflect on their day's adventures with you.