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Thinking Deeper...Asking the 'Hard' Questions

Whether you are a new educator who has been told 'offer a Reggio curriculum' and you are looking for advice on implementation, or you are a seasoned professional looking to be rejuvenated and have wondered what inspiration from Reggio can offer, or if you are a parent looking to see if a Reggio inspired curriculum is right for your little one you are in for an amazing discovery.


As we consider embracing the emergent curriculum approach we are challenged to remember that, although we can aspire to have what they have in Italy, no matter how hard we try we cannot duplicate their programs. It is not a cookie cutter curriculum with set lesson plans and easy to follow steps.


Delving into the work done in Reggio is not like a trip to the local school supply shop where you buy your curriculum lesson plans and accessories and the work is done, delving into Reggio is a journey and it will take you place you have never been, it will show you things that you never noticed and it will never be enough!


Their approach is ground in their own values and belief’s about who children are, what they are capable of and who they aspire to be. They have been on this journey for over 40 years. Their entire culture is developed around the children in their communities. It is not a methodology to be created but rather it is a value system to be embraced. Although we can strive to embrace their principles and practices we have to do our own work around how we value early childhood and embed these values into our own culture!


Before we can even consider aspiring to follow in thier foots steps it is my belief that as educators, as parents and as a community we need to ask ourselves some deep, meaningful questions and we really need to reflect on our answers and ask ourselves are my answers reflective of my practices and if not how can I change, what steps can I take to facilitate change in myself, in my program, in my community, in children's education legislation and funding.


Starting Questions....and these are just a few basis ones to get started


  • How do we see children? (Heres a tip...look through advertizements, commercials, general media, government policies and ask  yourselves 'what vision of children do they portrait?' and then ask yourselves 'How do we as a society value children?'
  • What do we want for children, for our families, for our colleagues, for ourselves? 
  • Collectively what do we envision as our child care utopia?
  • How does it look from the perspective of the children, the families, our colleagues, ourselves?


Whether you are asking these questions on your own or during a staff meeting or community meeting...do not invite the "Impossibles" into the discussion. With an open and creative mind nothing is impossible!


As educators, as parents, and as communities in North America we need to think and dream big about the work we do with children – children only get one childhood and it should be magical, full of joy and meaningful connections with other people .


Only when we dream big can we then work together to make it happen – in everything we do in life and in everything we do in our work with children we need to work to ensure that our practices and policies are based in our vision!