Home-based Early Learning Program

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Licensed Home Childcare Agency:


This option applies to licensed home childcare agencies, who are approved through the Ministry of Education to oversee and regulate multiple home childcare locations, the agencies then contract out members of the community to offer child care services through their agency for a fee. The agency helps connect parents with providers and collects the fees and pays the providers an agreed upon daily rate for their services.


While this option is offered in the provider’s home, after the provider and home has been screened to meet the Child Care and Early Years Act requirements for minimum health/safety/nutrition/caregiver training by the agency please note the HOME itself is NOT LICENSED under the Ministry of Education it is merely regulated by a 'third party' that IS licensed to act in that manner.


With the passing of Bill 10 the Child Care and Early Years Act as of August 31st 2015 an agency contracted provider can now be approved to care for a maximum of SIX children who can be between the ages of birth through to 13 years. Of these children no more than 2 can be under 2 years of age, although special permission can be granted by the Ministry of  to 'waive' this rule in certain circumstances. Ratios include their own children until they reach the age of 6 and are enrolled full time in school at which time they no longer count in their ratio cap.


Providers should have access to agency support and receive on going training through the licensed agency as well as subject to regular home inspections, bare minimum is quarterly, to ensure that their program continues to meet regulations for a quality program.


For more information about finding this type of care licensing agencies can be found via the phone book or Internet search engine as well as on the Ministry of Education website here.