Home-based Early Learning Program

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Serving London, Ontario 

Regulated / Licensed Group Childcare

Please note that this option applies to any setting where more than five unrelated children are being cared for at one site. Operators of such programs must obtain a license, which meets terms and conditions regulated by the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014.


This option is typically offered in large centres, such as those with 24 - 100 or more children enrolled on a daily basis. They are usually located in large instituational type settings, church basements or retail shopping malls and so forth and in some rare cases in 'residential homes' that have been specially zoned and renovated to be turned into a 'centre'. 


However, please be aware there are lots illegal and unregulated programs out there that break the rules and offer care to children in access of five without obtaining a license of following the CCEYA rules and regulations.


All licensed programs MUST have a copy of their license, issued by the Ministry of Education, posted for parents to view ? if you are choosing this childcare option that cares for more than 5 children please ensure that you check the license as it outlines age groups allowed as well as any terms and conditions that have been placed on the program.


Check a programs license FREQUENTLY as these can CHANGE annually when it is renewed!


Children are separated by age groupings

  • Infant up to eighteen months in classrooms with a 3:1 ratio
  • Toddler eighteen months to 30 months in classrooms with a 5:1 ratio
  •  Preschoolers 30 months to 6 with a 8:1 ratio
  • A JK age group with a ratio of 10:1
  • A SK age group with a ratio of 12:1
  • Children 6-10 years with a ratio 15:1

Please note these ratios are being proposed to be INCREASED as part of Bill 10!


Proposed changes under review

  • Infant up to 12 months in classrooms with a 3:1 ratio cap size of 10
  • Toddler 12 months to 24 months in classrooms with a 5:1 ratio cap size of 15
  •  Preschoolers 24 months to 3 years with a 8:1 ratio
  • A FDK age group, so 4 - 6 year olds with a ratio of 15:1 to match the school system
  • Children 6-8 years with a ratio 15:1
  • Children 9-12 years with a ratio of 20:1

In these settings at least one caregiver must hold a diploma in Early Childhood Education and be registered with the College of ECE. The remainder may be untrained or minimal training based on the programs personnel policy.


For more information on finding this type of care or reporting a provider you feel is in violation of the Child Care and Early Years Act the Ontario government has created a new website and information tool on the Ministry of Education Website: