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The Exciting Benefits of the Project Approach

In my opinion, the use of the Project Approach in programs or classrooms for any age can increase the love for learning, ability to self-direct and manage and organize learning, and increase the self-esteem all in the same time.

It has been my experience that using this approach in a childcare program or even a classroom can make a positive learner out of everyone...no matter what the individual learner's style!  This approach is great for children who have ADHD as it allows hands on manipulative experience guided by the child and helps to keep attention focused. This approach is great for the gifted or advanced student as it can accommodate self-study portions outside of the other group work!

Environments that embrace a Reggio inspired and project approach environment, again in my experience, have reduced behaviour management issues, increased socialization among varied children and an increase in conflict resolution and problem solving skills on behave of the children resulting in more time for the educator in the program to be engaged in meaningful connections with the children and group as a whole.

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